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New World Pasta is one of the country's leading dry pasta manufacturers. It produces a number of popular brands, many of which are recognized leaders in their individual regions of the U.S. market.

New World Pasta, headquartered in Central Pennsylvania, continues to emphasize the importance of its individual brands. These brands, which have achieved valuable consumer loyalty over the years, include: American Beauty, Light 'n Fluffy, P&R, Mrs. Weiss, Ronzoni, San Giorgio and Skinner.

New World Pasta's five manufacturing plants are located in Fresno, Calif.; Omaha, Neb.; Louisville, Ky.; Lebanon, Pa.; and Winchester, Va. The Winchester plant is a new, highly-efficient pasta processing facility which opened in 1993.

In addition to its trademarked labels, New World Pasta supplies pasta products manufactured under private label agreements to many large retail chains and wholesalers. The company also produces an extensive line of food service pasta products for sale and distribution to institutions and restaurants. Finally, New World Pasta engages in industrial contract business for pasta products supplied to other food companies for processing.

The pasta companies from which New World Pasta was formed were built upon a firm commitment to quality and value. These principles helped establish the companies in strong market positions within their individual regions.


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