Frequently Asked Questions: Other

It is the policy of New World Pasta Company to support non-profit organizations, which, in our opinion, serve to enhance the growth of the Company and its employees. The Company reserves the right to accept or deny requests for donations. All product donation requests must be made in writing on the organization’s letterhead and must state the purpose for the request and their status as a not for profit organization. Requests should be sent no less than 90 days in advance of the date they are to be received. An organization may receive up to four (4) cases per request during a 12 month period. Requests exceeding 4 cases require the approval of a senior manager. Arrangements must be made to pick up the donation as we do not deliver. If shipping is necessary, it is the responsibility of the organization making the request. We request that organizations who receive product donations use New World Pasta branded banners and forward any publicity generated by the event to the New World Pasta Marketing Department. Still have a question? Contact us!
Periodically, we offer coupons in local Sunday newspapers, on our packages, on our websites, and at selected supermarkets. Still have a question? Contact us!
New World Pasta or any of its employees do not accept or consider unsolicited ideas, including, but not limited to, suggestions, ideas for new or improved products, recipes, formulas, graphics, designs, new advertising campaigns, new technologies, processes, product names or marketing or sales plans. The sole purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings or disputes should New World Pasta’s products, manufacturing processes, or marketing or business strategies appear similar to any unsolicited ideas submitted to us. Please do not send your unsolicited ideas or materials to New World Pasta or anyone at New World Pasta. If, despite our request you do so, then regardless of what your email, letter, posting or other transmission to us says, your idea or materials will automatically become the property of New World Pasta without any payment, consideration or compensation paid to you; New World Pasta will have no obligation to return your idea or materials to you or respond to you in any way; New World Pasta has no obligation to treat your idea or materials proprietary or confidential in any way; and New World Pasta may use your ideas or materials for any purpose including giving your idea or materials to others. Still have a question? Contact us!
Number 7 is listed on the recycle scale as “Other”, meaning there is no recycling for this category because it is made up of different structures laminated together. Still have a question? Contact us!