Frequently Asked Questions: Preparation

We do not recommend cooking pasta in a slow cooker. It must be cooked in boiling water to gelatinize the starches which keep the pasta together and prevent it from becoming mushy and pasty. Still have a question? Contact us!
We do not recommend freezing uncooked pasta. Our pasta products should be stored in a cool, dry place for maximum freshness. Glass or metal containers are recommended for storing dry products. Still have a question? Contact us!
If you are using a similar cut, you can substitute evenly. Otherwise, you will need to follow the cooking directions that are specified on the package of pasta you are substituting. Still have a question? Contact us!
Either way is fine. But keep in mind that if pasta is cooked with broth, a cloudier (not clear) broth will result. For hearty soups, this is usually not important. If cooking pasta in broth, be sure to start with an extra amount of broth since pasta will absorb roughly 25% of the liquid. Still have a question? Contact us!
We only recommend rinsing for cold salads to stop the cooking time. Rinsing pasta that is intended to be served in a hot dish with hot tap water will lower its temperature and may also cause more starch which will make the pasta sticky. Still have a question? Contact us!
Since cheese is a solid not liquid form, the rules for cups and ounces will change. If you melt the cheese, then 8 oz would be considered a cup. Solid cheese is measured by weight but when melted it will be measured by volume. Still have a question? Contact us!